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Introduction        by John Amaechi

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This blog is probably not what you expect.  I am probably not going to be what you expect, I have never considered myself easily described and have never wanted to be.  Nowadays, I ply my trade as a psychologist and speaker in the US and UK and even dabble in a little TV work.  I am not going to bore you with details, you can always look at my “official bio” on this site (I didn’t write it!) or look me up in Wikipedia (if you can access it where you live.)  I will hope that you come here with an open mind as I intend nothing more than to create a little awareness, champion as best I can, the principle of universal human rights and maybe start a conversation or two around the water cooler and on the web. I believe that in general people are sophisticated, in composition if not manner, nuanced - the very definition of gestalt - the whole being more than the sum of the parts.  As such we should never be easily boiled down into a label that becomes smothering and burdensome, rather than a means to understand each other.